Alberto in his studio Phot credit: Heidi Flumm Photography

Alberto in his studio Phot credit: Heidi Flumm Photography

Tonight is the opening night for Alberto's solo show UTOPIA at Goodwin Gallery in Hamburg.

This show comprises of new resined works and Hamburg specific content along with installation works.

'In my work I aim to capture the metropolis: the pulse of the city. There is a pre-defined idea of what an urban setting is supposed to look like, a strong visual identity and by default, a set of rules. I like to challenge these rules with my painting and hand-colouring. By modifying this setting I hope to bring a new perspective to it. Cities have broad potential for landscape narrative as are so many varying elements. I use them in my favour, subtract them and play with them. It extends the idea of what the landscape can be without necessarily having to tear down buildings. I re-imagine the city, explore how it could be, a city in a timeless space, they are sketches of the future, simply a proposition' Alberto Sanchez

Kleine Johannisstraße 5
20457 Hamburg

Alberto Sanchez Peinador