My work is an exploration of landscape through unorthodox uses of traditional materials and techniques, aiming to create a symbiosis between the photographic document and the imagined scenario.

Drawing an inspiration from abstract landscape and symbolism, the alteration of these photographs presents a challenge to the viewer but ultimately it allows the release of both characters and environments from within their photographic constraints, placing them in a timeless landscape.

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I grew up in a small town in Castilla (Spain), an area surrounded by medieval castles, Roman aqueducts and gothic cathedrals, culture and traditions that are still very much anchored in old Roman hierarchical structures. Moving to Australia 10 years ago, I have been able to reflect, with the safety of distance, on how our identity, defined by place and time yields to the ever present spectre of change.

I work with both urban settings and the natural world. Landscapes balance and complete me. The challenge I set myself in my work is to broaden the sense of these landscapes. Pursuing these ideas continue to inspire me every day. Painting the image brings the work a level of un-realism. The colours I use embody the energy and feelings of the place I have visited and photographed. I want the viewer to be aware that it has been intervened by hand, that it has an illustrative narrative only achieved through the physical application of paint. The painting modifies what is already there. I search for balance between photography and paint, which then becomes a hybrid of both.

Photography gives certainty, this is here, this is now. The camera records something that is, something that exists. I use black and white photography to minimise interference with perceived time or modern expectations of place.